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THIS TOO SHALL PASS, using the Law of Attraction to get me through

So, I know it has been a while since I wrote or updated my blog, but things have been a little crazy this year. My business was booming, everything was going along just as I had planned then BOOM! The hammer comes down and shit goes sideways. My mother, who at the time, was less than a month away from turning 80 and had a stroke on February 24th. Now my mother is an Aries, and nothing seems to get those people down, her whole right side was limp, and she thought she slept on her side wrong…. I mean really?? You can’t barely move your arm or your leg and that was your first thought when you woke up? Anyway, she didn’t bother to call me until 7 hours later when her arms and legs didn’t get better. The minute I heard her on the phone I could tell she had a stroke; she could barely speak so I immediately took her to the hospital (she refused and ambulance and even want to take a shower before she left – Really?? NO!). Now this whole time, the previous me would have been freaking out, she couldn’t walk or talk or lift her hand, was this permanent? Would I have to move her to a home or have her live with me? Who would take care of her while I worked? OMG, would I have to quit work to take care of her. All this and more were swirling around in my head, BUT I took a deep breath and said, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. My go to mantra when things get difficult and I kept myself in check. I remembered my teachings and using the Law of Attraction, I just kept sending loving healing thoughts out to her and my belief that she was strong and healthy and that she would recover from this. Even when things were not going well, and the doctors were unsure if she would make a full recovery or even a partial recovery. I just held firm in my beliefs and knew that we would get through it just fine. I did not let the negative thoughts enter my mind and kept her positive at the same time. We discussed her going home and being in her own home, making a full recovery and going back to work within 6 months and you know what, she did recover fully. Looking at her today you would never know that this 80-year-old woman had a stroke a little over 8 months ago. She is back to work and volunteering at her favorite shelter for cats, driving, shoveling snow, moving furniture around in her house (that is the only way she cleans) and living an active life. YEAH! Life is back on track…or so I thought.

Then the other shoe dropped, my employer downsized, and they left myself and 7 others go in the beginning of November. OMG, now what am I going to do? I haven’t been actively looking for new coaching clients since I was busy with my mother, now what am I going to do? Again, I didn’t panic, I went back to my mantra THIS TOO SHALL PASS and kept myself positive, the Universe will provide, be strong and use the Law of Attraction to find something else. My employer was generous and provided a 4-week severance package with insurance paid through the end of the year. So I immediately went online, updated my LinkedIn profile, updated my resume and called my references to tell them they might be getting a call and low and behold I get a call from a prior employer, they want me back and they are going to create a position for me. YEAH! Oh, and by the way, I wouldn’t need to start until January 1st. OK, so I get the whole month of December off? That is a win for me because I hate driving in the snow and when I go back in January, I will only have to deal with one month, really by February the snow starts to taper off and it’s all good. I can deal with that. I don’t have to go on any interviews, no rejection letters, no wondering if I have to take a pay cut. Again, I just held strong to my belief that everything does happen for a reason (the job I had was boring and unchallenging, I often had to find or create things to do). I was bored so the Universe took care of that for me. The Law of Attraction worked, it was exactly what I could have hoped for!

So, what have I learned, well the best way to put it is YOUR problem is not THE problem, it’s your ATTITUDE about the problem that is your problem. During the course of these and other problems I was dealing with this your I kept a positive attitude and had faith that things would work out and they did. So, change your attitude about how you see the problem and magically the problem will not seem as bad. You may even be able to figure a way out of your problem or find someone who can help.

We all have things we are dealing with, some harder than others, but if you stay focused on seeing the brighter side of things, look for the small things during the day to be grateful for, smile and tell yourself THIS TOO SHALL PASS and know that nothing ever stays the same, if you are positive, you will see the positive and things will get better. If you only see and concentrate on the negative and do the whole “Whoa as me, my life is so horrible” an look for attention from others to tell your story of Whoa to, then you will get more of the same.

What you give out comes back to you, you drop a pebble in the lake and watch the ripples go out, the Universe is going to drop one in and the ripples come back to you….so be careful of the size of the pebble and always give out positive thoughts and watch the positive results that come back to you.

Happy Holidays and Best wishes for the New Year.

All my love to you and all those you love this holiday season.

Stay positive and stay true to YOU!

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